Hotel Villa Traiano


Hotel Villa Traiano is a prestigious hotel located in the historical center of Benevento, created from the refurbishment and extension of a historical villa from the early 1900s, just a short walk from the Arch of Trajan.

The villa is enclosed by an immense glass ceiling that conceals the unimaginably beautiful covered, air-conditioned garden with ample space where each guest can find a private corner, and enjoy discreet and effective comfort.

Rest in the coziness of the Hotel and allow yourself to indulge in our hospitality, whether your stay be for business or leisure. Discover the benefits of our conference center, or celebrate your most important moments with us with a glass of exquisite champagne in hand.

Sannio Experience

Sannio experience    EURO 169,00 for 2 people in Standard double bedroom with breakfast, garage, wifi EURO 199,00 for 2 people in a Deluxe double bedroom with breakfast, garage, wifi ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR THIRD BED 30,00 1 PERSON IN SINGLE BEDROOM €95,00 ADDITIONAL NIGHT: 50,00€ P.P. in a Standard double bedroom, € 65,00 P.P. in…

Mysterious Benevento

Mysterious Benevento   EURO 169,00 for 2 people in a standard double bedroom with breakfast, garage, wifi EURO 199,00 for 2 people in a Deluxe double bedroom with breakfast, garage, wifi, ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR THIRD BED 30,00 1 PERSON IN A SINGLE BEDROOM € 95,00 FOR ADDITIONAL NIGHT: € 50,00 P.P. in a Standard double…

On trail of Padre Pio

On trail of Padre Pio   To discover the places of the Saint, where he was born and where he grew up, where he received for first time the stigmata … for a stay dedicated to spirituality and wellness. From the 11th to the 14th of February the saint’s relics will return to their places of…

Rooms & Suite

Benevento Hotel Villa Traiano

A perfect blend of classic and modern environments gives the hotel its unique atmosphere. The classic style of the building contrasts beautifully with the modern and simple design of the new part of the hotel, though comfort reigns supreme throughout. There are 38 rooms of different types and sizes, offering relaxation, whether for a short or long stay.

Meetings & Events


Situated within just a few steps of the Arch of Trajan and very close to the pedestrian area, Hotel Villa Traiano is an excellent location for conventions and conferences. Away from street traffic, it is easily reached from the beltway or train station, and is also very close to parking. The setting is ideal for any type of event, from small business meetings to conferences, thanks to two rooms which can adapt to your needs, both with natural light, audio-visual systems, and dedicated entrances. There are also ample air-conditioned exterior areas.



Out of the ordinary, but in the center of the city; the perfect setting for your perfect day! Within a short walk from the most important churches in the area, and with our secret garden at the end of a pleasant walk, you will be accomodated here by a refined and elegant atmosphere, where attention is paid to every little detail. A harmony of music, flowers, colors, warm atmosphere, sublime tastes, and customized details; such is the elegant charm of our hospitality.

La nostra galleria

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The orangery

The air-conditioned covered garden is one of the hotel’s main appeals and can be enjoyed even when it rains and in the winter. You won’t believe that it’s right in the center of the city. The wide staircase that descends beneath the immense glass ceiling hints at the unthinkably beautiful covered terrace garden. The magical light of sunset inching across the terrace will enthrall you, and you’ll also be able to experience the unique sensation of being outside, unaffected by the rain falling on the glass right overhead!


Immersed in the magic of Benevento, you will discover the charm of a town rich in history, with historically important monuments and beautiful little pieces of art nestled in the alleys and streets. Striking antiques: Egyptian, Samnite, Roman, and Lombard; but also the contemporary appeal of the Hortus Conclusus by Paladino, the Sannita capital will impress you with its art, history, tranquillity, and friendly hospitality.